Elayne Kevarian is a major character in the Craft Sequence, appearing in every currently-published novel with the exception of Two Serpents Rise. She is considered one of the eminent craftswomen of the age, having fought in the God Wars, served as a lecturer in the Hidden Schools and made partner at the craft firm of Kelethras, Albrecht and Ao.

The following page contains spoilers of specific events from the Craft Sequence novels. It is recommended that you read the books first.

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Elayne Kevarian's life before the God Wars. It is implied that she began to learn how to use craft from an early age and was persecuted for it. At age 12, she was chased by a mob of men with pitchforks and torches and forced to hide in a pond using a reed to breathe[1]. Formative experiences such as this only motivated her to continue her studies to acquire more power.

She attended the Hidden Schools and fought in the God Wars, serving with distinction during the Semioticists' Rebellion in Southern Kath. She was sent to negotiate peace with the gods of Dresediel Lex and participated in the siege of the city and the death of its gods. In the aftermath of the battle, she encountered a wounded Temoc Almotil and healed him, despite their having fought on opposite sides of the conflict[2].

Career Edit

As one of the most senior partners in Kelethras, Albrecht and Ao, Kevarian was an important figure in some of the most important cases that helped shape the world after the God Wars. She was involved in two major court decisions involving the deities of Alt Coloumb, attempted to negotiate a truce between the King in Red and pro-god protesters in Dresediel Lex, audited the Order of Kavekana and protected the coastline of the New World from an attack by giant moths[3].

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